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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Across the ditch = across the Tasman Sea to AustraliaAd = AdvertisementAnkle-biter= small

childArse over tit= head over heelsAussie/Ozzie = AustralianAway laughing = to do without

problemsAway with the fairies = day dream, on another planetA few logs short of a barbie = a bit crazy
Banger = sausageBarbie = BBQBasin = bathroom sinkBassinet = baby cradleBach = small
holiday house (word used mostly in the North Island) Beaut = great, good funBench = kitchen counterBerm = see verge Big bikkies = lots of moneyBikie = member of motorbike gangBikkie= biscuitBite your bum= go away, get lostBiscuit = cookieBloke = ordinary guy/manBludge = take unfair advantage to get something for nothingBob's your uncle = that's all there is to itBollocks = rubbish, disbeliefBonnet = car engine hoodBoohai = remote or non-existent placeBoot = car trunkBrassed off = disappointed, annoyedBring a plate = bring food on a plate or dish to share with othersBro = male person (friend or stranger)Bugga = (Bugger) mild swearing, as in damnBugger all = very little, not muchBuggered = exhausted, brokenBush = forest or scrub landBust your gut = make an intense effort
Cardie = cardigan (jersey with buttons up the front)Carked it = diedCatch ya = goodbye, see you later (even if you won't meet again)Catch ya later = goodbye and will see you at a later timeCheers = thanks, goodbye, good luck ("cheers mate")Cheerio = goodbyeChilly bin = portable insulated cooler boxChippies = crispsChippy = carpenterChoc-a-block = full to overflowingChocolate fish= chocolate covered marshmallow in a fish shapeChoice = good, excellentChook = chickenChrissy= christmasChunder = vomitCop-out = poor excuseCow-cocky = dairy farmerCracker = very goodCreek = streamCrib = a small holiday home in the South Island, bachCrikey-dick = expression of surpriseCrook = sick, unwell or a criminalCuppa = cup of teaCuz (cuzzy) = cousin or other family relation
Dairy = small shop selling dairy products, confectionery, food etc.Dag = someone who is funny, jokerDaylight robbery = overpricedDear = expensiveDodgy = can't be trustedDoodackie= variant of thingummybob or doodad, for an object that you can't think of a name for Dreaded lurgy= cold or flu Dunny = toiletDuvet = Bed quilt (feather or polyester inner with removable cover)
Fair dinkum = true, no liesFair enough = it's acceptable with meFair go = appeal for fairness (give us a break)Fart sack= bed Fence sitter = person who is undecidedFizzy drink = soda popFlash = smart lookingFlat = apartmentFlatmate = someone sharing a flatFlat out = full speedFlat stick = full speedFlatty = tyre punctureFlicks= moviesFreezing works = meat processing factory
Gawk = to stare, take a look atGet off the grass = said in disbeliefGidday or G'day = hello (Good Day) Give us a bell = make a phone call to usGive us a break = appeal for fairness (fair-go)Gob= mouthGood as gold = everything is OKGood nick = good conditionGone bush = go somewhere without being foundGreasies = takeaway food (fish and chips)Gross = horrible, scungy, lousyGrouse = good, excellentGummies/ Gubbies= gumbootsGuts for garters = in big trouble
Half pie = not good enough Hangi = traditional Maori earth ovenHard case = funny, unusual, a dag, jokerHard yakka = labouring hardHeaps = lots ofHire = rentHit the sack = go to bedHokey-pokey = pieces of golden sugar candyHome-n-hosed = successfully completed, safeHonky dory = everything is fineHoon = youngster who drives fast and aggressivelyHooray = goodbye, exclamation of pleasureHosing down = raining heavilyHottie = Hot water bottle
Ice block = frozen confectionery on a stick
Jandals = thongs/flip-flop footwearJafa = someone who lives in Auckland "Just Another Friendly Aucklander" - for some the F is replaced with other words best left to your imagination.Jerk = stupid or annoying personJersey = sweaterJoker = man or guyJolly good = wonderfulJumper = sweaterJudder bar = speed bump
Kai = food (Maori)Kia ora = Maori greeting, hello. Kick the bucket = dieKindy = kindergartenKip = a short sleep, napKiwi = a New Zealander, NZ native flightless birdKnackered = tired, broken
Lift = elevatorLocal rag = local newspaperLolly = sweet, confectioneryLong drop = outdoor toilet built over a hole in the groundLoo = toiletLounge = living roomLousy = horrible, scungy, grossLugs= ears
Mate = friend or stranger Mates rates = special (reduced) price for selling product or service to friends or family Mobile = mobile phone, cell phoneMorning tea = short break from work mid-morningMr Whippy = van that sells ice cream cones
Nana = grandmotherNappy = diaperNarna = bananaNap = a short sleep, kipNeck of the woods = area where one livesNick = stealNick away = to leave quickly and without noticeNo sweat = not a problem, easyNo worries = not a problem, easy
OE = overseas experience (working holiday abroad)Oi = call to attentionOn ya bike= get out of hereOz = Australia
Pack a sad = become moody, ill humouredPaddock = fieldPakeha = Maori term for person of European descentPants = trousersPavlova/Pav = A meringue cake covered in cream and decorated with seasonal fresh fruitPictures = moviesPikelet = small pancakePiker = person who gives up easily or does not join-in the activityPlonk = cheap winePop your clogs= diePong = bad smellPrang = minor vehicle accidentPressie= a gift, a presentPuckerood = broken, worn outPudding = dessert course of a meal
Rack off = go away (angry expression)Rattle your dags = hurry upRellies = family relativesRing= make call on telephoneRipped off = cheatedRough as guts = shabby, not finishedRubbish = nonsense, trash or garbage
Sandshoes = canvas sneaker footwearSammie= sandwichScungy = grungy, horrible, lousy, grossSection = plot of landSee ya = goodbye, see you later (even if you won't meet again)Serviette = table napkinShank's pony = walkingShe'll be right = it will be OK, not a problem Sheila = woman (Australian expression)Sickie = sick day taken off work, even if you aren't really sick Singlet = vestSitting on the fence = can't make up your mindSkivvy = long sleeved top with polo neckSkint = short of moneySmidgen = small amountSmoko = short break from workSnarler = sausageSnurdge = small amount (same as smidgen)Sook = a very emotional personSparkie = an electricianSpuds= potatoesSquiz = look, examineState house = rental house owned by governmentStrapped for cash = low on moneyStone the crows = expression of amazement and surpriseStuffed = tired or worn outStuffed up = made a mistakeSunnies = sunglassesSupper = last meal of the day, late night snackSuss = to figure outSussed out = understoodSweet as = excellent, very satisfactorySwimming togs = swim suit
Ta = thanksTake-aways = food eaten off premises (take-out food)Take a hike = go awayTangi = funeral ceremony (Maori)Ta-ta = goodbyeTatties= potatoesTea = evening meal, dinner Teatime = evening meal timeThingimmy = someone whose name you have forgotten Thwop= a slap or smackTiki tour = scenic tour, indirect way of going somewhere or driving around with no destination Tip = garbage dumpTit for tat = retaliationTogs = swim suitTrolley = shopping cartTruckie = truck driverTyre = tire
Uni = universityUp the creek = in a wrong directionUte = small pickup truck
Verge = grass strip at side of road
Wally = someone who has done something stupidWarrant of fitness = formal car safety checkWhallop= a slap or smackWharfie = cargo handler for shipping (stevedore)Whatsername/whatsisname = speaking about someone whose name you don't know or have forgottenWho'dackie = someone whose name you have forgotton (thing'immy)Whinge = moan, complainWobbly (throw a wobbly) = become angryWonky = crooked, weirdWops = rural areasWop wops = rural areasWhanau = extended family (Maori) Wuss = person who is timid, scared
Yonks = a long timeYack = conversation between friends or aquaintancesYo = how are you, whats up


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