loony random but very cool. hey im not an emo. no realy im not. but weather im a girl or a boy could be argued. some say im a girl, some say im a boy. have a guess.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

hi people
i am a ravenous pit bull
i am not a evil killing machine like most people think,
i like to care,
when people hear pit bull they see this
not this

lots of olve from you pitbull friend pikey

Friday, October 13, 2006

global hippy peace

this is glastonbury when it flooded last year.

glastonbury rocks.

peace dude.

Friday, October 06, 2006

hello all i shudnt be doin this hehe heh heh
if u r an ozzy ora moo cow if so i luv u vear vair much
xcept peadophiles and pornos and criminals and nasty people over the age of 21
xcept the vair sexy peoples
hav any of u eva been 2 galstonbury
love pikey

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Across the ditch = across the Tasman Sea to AustraliaAd = AdvertisementAnkle-biter= small

childArse over tit= head over heelsAussie/Ozzie = AustralianAway laughing = to do without

problemsAway with the fairies = day dream, on another planetA few logs short of a barbie = a bit crazy
Banger = sausageBarbie = BBQBasin = bathroom sinkBassinet = baby cradleBach = small
holiday house (word used mostly in the North Island) Beaut = great, good funBench = kitchen counterBerm = see verge Big bikkies = lots of moneyBikie = member of motorbike gangBikkie= biscuitBite your bum= go away, get lostBiscuit = cookieBloke = ordinary guy/manBludge = take unfair advantage to get something for nothingBob's your uncle = that's all there is to itBollocks = rubbish, disbeliefBonnet = car engine hoodBoohai = remote or non-existent placeBoot = car trunkBrassed off = disappointed, annoyedBring a plate = bring food on a plate or dish to share with othersBro = male person (friend or stranger)Bugga = (Bugger) mild swearing, as in damnBugger all = very little, not muchBuggered = exhausted, brokenBush = forest or scrub landBust your gut = make an intense effort
Cardie = cardigan (jersey with buttons up the front)Carked it = diedCatch ya = goodbye, see you later (even if you won't meet again)Catch ya later = goodbye and will see you at a later timeCheers = thanks, goodbye, good luck ("cheers mate")Cheerio = goodbyeChilly bin = portable insulated cooler boxChippies = crispsChippy = carpenterChoc-a-block = full to overflowingChocolate fish= chocolate covered marshmallow in a fish shapeChoice = good, excellentChook = chickenChrissy= christmasChunder = vomitCop-out = poor excuseCow-cocky = dairy farmerCracker = very goodCreek = streamCrib = a small holiday home in the South Island, bachCrikey-dick = expression of surpriseCrook = sick, unwell or a criminalCuppa = cup of teaCuz (cuzzy) = cousin or other family relation
Dairy = small shop selling dairy products, confectionery, food etc.Dag = someone who is funny, jokerDaylight robbery = overpricedDear = expensiveDodgy = can't be trustedDoodackie= variant of thingummybob or doodad, for an object that you can't think of a name for Dreaded lurgy= cold or flu Dunny = toiletDuvet = Bed quilt (feather or polyester inner with removable cover)
Fair dinkum = true, no liesFair enough = it's acceptable with meFair go = appeal for fairness (give us a break)Fart sack= bed Fence sitter = person who is undecidedFizzy drink = soda popFlash = smart lookingFlat = apartmentFlatmate = someone sharing a flatFlat out = full speedFlat stick = full speedFlatty = tyre punctureFlicks= moviesFreezing works = meat processing factory
Gawk = to stare, take a look atGet off the grass = said in disbeliefGidday or G'day = hello (Good Day) Give us a bell = make a phone call to usGive us a break = appeal for fairness (fair-go)Gob= mouthGood as gold = everything is OKGood nick = good conditionGone bush = go somewhere without being foundGreasies = takeaway food (fish and chips)Gross = horrible, scungy, lousyGrouse = good, excellentGummies/ Gubbies= gumbootsGuts for garters = in big trouble
Half pie = not good enough Hangi = traditional Maori earth ovenHard case = funny, unusual, a dag, jokerHard yakka = labouring hardHeaps = lots ofHire = rentHit the sack = go to bedHokey-pokey = pieces of golden sugar candyHome-n-hosed = successfully completed, safeHonky dory = everything is fineHoon = youngster who drives fast and aggressivelyHooray = goodbye, exclamation of pleasureHosing down = raining heavilyHottie = Hot water bottle
Ice block = frozen confectionery on a stick
Jandals = thongs/flip-flop footwearJafa = someone who lives in Auckland "Just Another Friendly Aucklander" - for some the F is replaced with other words best left to your imagination.Jerk = stupid or annoying personJersey = sweaterJoker = man or guyJolly good = wonderfulJumper = sweaterJudder bar = speed bump
Kai = food (Maori)Kia ora = Maori greeting, hello. Kick the bucket = dieKindy = kindergartenKip = a short sleep, napKiwi = a New Zealander, NZ native flightless birdKnackered = tired, broken
Lift = elevatorLocal rag = local newspaperLolly = sweet, confectioneryLong drop = outdoor toilet built over a hole in the groundLoo = toiletLounge = living roomLousy = horrible, scungy, grossLugs= ears
Mate = friend or stranger Mates rates = special (reduced) price for selling product or service to friends or family Mobile = mobile phone, cell phoneMorning tea = short break from work mid-morningMr Whippy = van that sells ice cream cones
Nana = grandmotherNappy = diaperNarna = bananaNap = a short sleep, kipNeck of the woods = area where one livesNick = stealNick away = to leave quickly and without noticeNo sweat = not a problem, easyNo worries = not a problem, easy
OE = overseas experience (working holiday abroad)Oi = call to attentionOn ya bike= get out of hereOz = Australia
Pack a sad = become moody, ill humouredPaddock = fieldPakeha = Maori term for person of European descentPants = trousersPavlova/Pav = A meringue cake covered in cream and decorated with seasonal fresh fruitPictures = moviesPikelet = small pancakePiker = person who gives up easily or does not join-in the activityPlonk = cheap winePop your clogs= diePong = bad smellPrang = minor vehicle accidentPressie= a gift, a presentPuckerood = broken, worn outPudding = dessert course of a meal
Rack off = go away (angry expression)Rattle your dags = hurry upRellies = family relativesRing= make call on telephoneRipped off = cheatedRough as guts = shabby, not finishedRubbish = nonsense, trash or garbage
Sandshoes = canvas sneaker footwearSammie= sandwichScungy = grungy, horrible, lousy, grossSection = plot of landSee ya = goodbye, see you later (even if you won't meet again)Serviette = table napkinShank's pony = walkingShe'll be right = it will be OK, not a problem Sheila = woman (Australian expression)Sickie = sick day taken off work, even if you aren't really sick Singlet = vestSitting on the fence = can't make up your mindSkivvy = long sleeved top with polo neckSkint = short of moneySmidgen = small amountSmoko = short break from workSnarler = sausageSnurdge = small amount (same as smidgen)Sook = a very emotional personSparkie = an electricianSpuds= potatoesSquiz = look, examineState house = rental house owned by governmentStrapped for cash = low on moneyStone the crows = expression of amazement and surpriseStuffed = tired or worn outStuffed up = made a mistakeSunnies = sunglassesSupper = last meal of the day, late night snackSuss = to figure outSussed out = understoodSweet as = excellent, very satisfactorySwimming togs = swim suit
Ta = thanksTake-aways = food eaten off premises (take-out food)Take a hike = go awayTangi = funeral ceremony (Maori)Ta-ta = goodbyeTatties= potatoesTea = evening meal, dinner Teatime = evening meal timeThingimmy = someone whose name you have forgotten Thwop= a slap or smackTiki tour = scenic tour, indirect way of going somewhere or driving around with no destination Tip = garbage dumpTit for tat = retaliationTogs = swim suitTrolley = shopping cartTruckie = truck driverTyre = tire
Uni = universityUp the creek = in a wrong directionUte = small pickup truck
Verge = grass strip at side of road
Wally = someone who has done something stupidWarrant of fitness = formal car safety checkWhallop= a slap or smackWharfie = cargo handler for shipping (stevedore)Whatsername/whatsisname = speaking about someone whose name you don't know or have forgottenWho'dackie = someone whose name you have forgotton (thing'immy)Whinge = moan, complainWobbly (throw a wobbly) = become angryWonky = crooked, weirdWops = rural areasWop wops = rural areasWhanau = extended family (Maori) Wuss = person who is timid, scared
Yonks = a long timeYack = conversation between friends or aquaintancesYo = how are you, whats up

hi to ryan who helped me come up with all theses things

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

my darling box. MOAH HA HA!
hey hope u dont mind engies (english people) i am an engie. a vairy vairy funkydidley engie @ that.
i suppose i shud tell y'all who and what i am. i am a thirteen year old engie hu goes to ahs
alysham high school (jah boo sucks)
any 1 who is a kiwi , aussie or a moo cow please leave your post here.