loony random but very cool. hey im not an emo. no realy im not. but weather im a girl or a boy could be argued. some say im a girl, some say im a boy. have a guess.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

hi i should be in german, but, i dont do german, i can count to twenty and swear but thats it.
eins sie drie fear funf zex zeben act noin zen elf zwolf dreitzen freartszein funfzein actzein noinzen zwanzig! there we are 1 to 20 in german!
i like the colour orange!
my fave songs in the charts at the mo:
nelly furardo - every thing good comes to an end
red hot chilli peppers - snow
fergy - fergalishus
the feeling - love it when you call
my chemical romance - welcome to the black parade
and some more that i cant remember
hi jason!


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