loony random but very cool. hey im not an emo. no realy im not. but weather im a girl or a boy could be argued. some say im a girl, some say im a boy. have a guess.

Friday, November 10, 2006

hullo again, here i am in an ict lesson in the uk. we are doing something chalenging apparently. yeah right! frogs to ict i'd rather be out riding my bike or tree climbing. pleasy pleasy leave a post on meiner vebben site. did you know they dont have phish and chip shops in norway? what a discrace. spose phish and chips are an english thing. hullo all you moo-cows and seagulls, yes seagulls. do not challange my seagull authority, no realy dont, prepare to die all you chalengers! i realy can't spell! no i can't. im in 9X3 for everything except p.e where im in 9X2. these are sets at school. there are X the top three sets and Y are the bottom three sets.
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