loony random but very cool. hey im not an emo. no realy im not. but weather im a girl or a boy could be argued. some say im a girl, some say im a boy. have a guess.

Friday, December 01, 2006

why don't penguins knit socks, their feet must be freezing!
has anyone tried that mashmallow spread before? i haven't. what's it like?
sounds sickly + yuk you can buy it from larners in holt. which is in norfolk, in the uk, in the world, in the universe.
i like nirvana, stupid bloody kurt had to go kill himelf didn't he! he wud be 40 now, dont ask how i know, because ive forgotten. im gonna learn 1 oasis song by
christmas, im gonna try and record a song and try and get collin murray to play
kurt cobain. it on his show. it'll probably be crap but who cares, i'll probably scrap it anyway.


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